Coming soon!!

I have so many great stories to share here, but have been away from my notes and files lately, and I want to be able to get all my facts straight. But, as a teaser, here are a some of the stories I’m planning to share soon…

  • Sweethearts, sidewalks & cyanide
  • Does petting a primate during pregnancy produce monkey babies?
  • Murder, maiden names and Wild Bill Hickok
  • King Burge, or call me Princess, please
  • How I found my 6th great grandfather for $40
  • The sad story of Godfrey Nims

Those are just a few that I’m working on, and I can’t wait to start posting again, but my current life story keeps getting in the way. Soon, though, I promise!


  1. I hope you have been fortunate enough to visit Historic Deerfield. It is an amazing museum town. I have several ancestors who lived there, and several who died in the massacres. There were several Nims who married distant Skinner cousins in my family tree. I'm glad I found your blog via the great “interview” on GeneaBloggers!


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