Howdy, and thanks for stopping by.

Since you’re obviously curious, too, here’s a little about me…

I’ve been researching ancestors for the past 15 years. Curiously, obsessively, passionately. I’ve lectured around the country on best practices as well as handy tips and tricks for Internet genealogy research. I love sharing information and helping people find their families.

Stories are what bring our relatives and ancestors to life. Finding them is like discovering buried treasure, except rather than hoarding them to ourselves, they need to be shared.

As my alter ego and cartoon self, Genie Weezles, I lecture and participate in the genealogy community in the virtual world SecondLife. Check out the genealogy events on our blog at http://SLgenealogygroup.com.

For the past four years I was the Community Assistant for the free online collaborative family tree, WikiTree.com. Pretty much the reason my blogs were quiet for, oh… about four years.

I also do some pretty amazing graphic design work (watch for the new look to STIRPES – the Texas State Genealogical Society’s quarterly journal), and also freelance work, making researcher’s genealogical research reports into stunning visual displays of family history.

And in my all my remaining vast amounts of free time (cough), I sew and quilt, and freelance also as an artwork digMeitizer for machine embroidery designs.

That’s me.

~ tami

tami mize


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